5 Ways to Enhance the Visitor Experience to your organisation!

1/. First impressions Count – you only get one chance to make a first impression
Avoid waiting in queue’s and sign in with a branded self-serve sign-in visitor manage kiosk. There are so many kiosk options, from a simple iPad to the all in one IQ Kiosk including a built in camera, visitor label printer and bar-code scanner.

Camden Kiosk Small

Camden Council’s knows how to impress with their branded all in one IQ Kiosk

2/. Pre-register your visitors
Allows your visitors to receive important information prior to their arrival such as; their host details (picture, mobile number), address with map, evacuation instructions, parking details, Guest Wi-fi tab and even tips for the best local coffee shop. Your visitor can now use their mobile phone to scan in at the visitor sign-in kiosk for a quick and easy sign in process using a QR code.

wolpass two

3/. Safety in knowing what’s expected of you whilst onsite
A visitor sign-in questionnaire will generally include a few questions based on what is expected from you on-site including some safety messages and procedures such as an evacuation map, any danger zones and rules ie. no smoking, no camera’s, safety gear required etc

Evacuation Points lite induction

4/. No more long waits for your host
Following your simple and fast self-serve visitor sign-in your host will be notified by email or SMS or both of your arrival. If you were asked to enter your mobile and photo capture on arrival they can now call you if they happen to be held up and also be able to identify you immediately.

5/. Visitor Confidentiality
When visiting an organisation with a manual visitor guest book all your details on on display for everyone to see; your name, your company and even your contact details. With Visitor Management Software you put your visitors privacy as top priority. Privacy can be paramount in certain fields, like legal and financial.

manual sihn in book


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