iPad visitor management – which system is right for me?

There are literally hundreds of iPad visitor management software solutions globally now, what makes one different from the rest? If you thought they were all the same well you could be correct for a moment until you took a look under the hood.

While so many iPad visitor management systems have hit the market the key thing missing from 90% of the systems is customer communication. It is very true you only get what you pay for and this applies to visitor management software today.

iPad visitor management Apps on the app store which one should I choose?

Searching out the apps on the app store all but a couple have not had updates since before 2016, in other words nothing new has been added to the app since before 2016, this is an instant indicator the software has not been improved upon since the last update back in 2016.

The big three that I can see are WhosOnLocation, Sine and Envoy, all current and all very modern solutions. The majority of the remainder of the iPad visitor management apps are either to old, to complex to operate or have not been updated in 2017. Visitor Management is a growth market, it is not possible to be listening to customers and not be creating a better product, creating a better product means your product must have some updates, updates mean you are listening to your customer needs.

Where are the servers stored?

This question comes up a lot…WhosOnLocation has servers in each country, if you are in Australia your data stays in Australia, if you are based in USA your data will stay in USA. If you are a truly global company and want a centralised data base of all you locations globally then you will select which country you want your data stored. Some customers need Australian data stored in Australia and UK data stored in the UK. Each company will have their own policies. Some visitor management systems only store data in USA and this can be an issue if you are a government or private company and your policy is your data is not to leave the shores of the country you are based.

So what is under the hood?

All three visitor management software products mentioned do an awesome job of Visitor Management, if this is all you need then any of the three will satisfy depending on your visitor management needs, for example you may have a lot of groups come through, some systems do a great job of group management where some have not even thought about groups.

What if I want more?

WhosOnLocation is the standout for giving you more functionality, more bang for your buck. Longevity in the market is what has separated WhosOnLocation from other solutions on the market especially those solutions that only work on an iPad or that have been invented in the last 5 years. WhosOnLocation is the only visitor management iPad app that comes with an evacuation app, the rest simply run evacuation reports.  Contractor Management is another area that WhosOnLocation stands out in, if you need contractor management as part of your visitor management system you need WhosOnLocation.

Need to engage contractors, no iPad app solution from the app store is going to satisfy your hunger for compliance, inductions, qualifications, asset management and more.

So what do visitor management systems cost?

At the time of writing WhosOnLocation starts at $49 per month, Sine starts at $59 per month and Envoy starts at $99 per month