Key register management with Visitor Management software

Key management? if you manage keys you know what this is about. Have you ever heard “who had the key last” or “where is the key” or “I cant read what is written on the key register, I don’t know who has the master warehouse key” or “when is the key due back”

All of these problems disappear as soon as you have access to an electronic key register as part of your visitor management software. You can actually manage any item you issue that you expect to be returned including radios, projectors, access control cards and much more.

Do you issue assets likes keys and access control cards to visitor and contractors?

gold coast private hospitalGold Coast Private Hospital Managing over 1000 assets including keys

Christ Church                       Oxford University UK managing over 1000 assets including keys

NSW_Health                             Multiple hospitals across NSW including Royal Prince Alfred, Concord Repatriation, Liverpool Hospital managing assets including keys


asset1 - list of assets recently issued

Book in a demonstration and see how easy it is to manage your assets including keys as part of your visitor management process.

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