Printing Photo ID Cards for Employees & Contractors

Visitor, contractor and induction management software is a database of all your employees and contractors as well as visitors to your location. Customers ask can we allow employees and contractors to sign in quickly, especially the regular contractors. The answer has always been yes, we can assign a token barcode or chipped card against the profile of the employee or contractor so they can tap in and tap out.

Now we can build a Photo ID card template in the Visitor Management System allowing you to build a template to print plastic Photo ID Cards. Once printed the card can be used to identify the employee or contractor as well as allow them to scan in and out at any self serve kiosk connected to the account globally.

Photo ID card printing Template
Giving you the ability to build an ID card template so you can print plastic Photo ID cards for your employees and contractors. Information in the database is used to populate the Photo ID card including
  • Company Logo
  • Person”s name
  • Persons Photo
  • Name of their organisation
  • Token ID Number
  • Date Token issued
  • Date Token expires
  • Barcode (for scanning in and out)
  • QR Code ( for scanning in and out)
  • Tag Name

There are two hardware requirements to print ID Cards, the correct cards to print on and a compatible printer.


CR80 Cards

We have made our ID Cards available to be printed on the most common sized ID Cards used world-wide, CR80cards. The dimensions for this card size are 2.13″ x 3.38″ (54mm x 86mm), the size of a standard credit card.

CR80 Cards are plastic or PVC cards which are used to create permanent or semi-permanent ID Cards.

Compatible Printers

Because the CR80 card is so commonly used, it is compatible with most ID Card Printers. These printers are different from the standard label printer used to print paper badge passes for visitors and service providers.

ID Card printers print on plastic or PVC cards and often have the ability to print in color. If you’re not sure whether your printer can print on CR80 cards, we recommend contacting your hardware vendor or looking up the specifications online.

You can print one or many ID cards for your employees and contractors

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