New OHS Regulations commence June 18 – How do they affect you?

Worksafe Victoria recently posted details about the changes coming into effect in 2017.  For the most part details are unchanged however in a couple of key areas where compliance needs to be elevated the changes are significant. The New Zealand Government earlier introduced significant changes also at the beginning of 2017.

What has changed in Victoria?

OHS Regulations changes

The new OHS Regulations 2017 are mainly the same. However, if you are in a workplace where asbestos is present; are a manufacturer or an importing supplier of hazardous substances or agricultural and veterinary chemicals; work in construction; or operate a mine or major hazard facility, you need to become aware of the changes. In most cases, compliance is required by 18 June 2017.

Most importantly, the new OHS Regulations 2017 maintain Victoria’s already high safety standards. In some high risk areas, like asbestos removal work, they improve standards. The changes also deliver significant savings to Victorian businesses in the areas of high risk work licensing and record keeping for designers and manufacturers of plant.

For some changes, transitional arrangements apply to allow duty and licence holders time to become compliant with the updated regulatory requirements.

If you are affected by the changes, WorkSafe has prepared a range of information and support resources to help you identify what to do to stay compliant when the changes take effect on 18 June 2017, available through the links below.

The Regulations have been renumbered with consecutive numbers, in line with the Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel’s guidance on the preparation of statutory rules. Reconciliation tables are available through the links below to help you quickly compare the numbering between the 2007 Regulations and the 2017 Regulations.

Support information

A range of information and support resources for the new OHS and EPS Regulations 2017 are available on this page.

For further information contact the WorkSafe Victoria Advisory Service on 1800 136 089 or at [email protected].

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