Induction Compliance – How can I get employees and contractors to complete inductions?

We have written about this subject a lot over the past 8 years. It is now easier than ever before to have employees and contractors complete inductions for compliance. Historically and still today inductions are completed on paper, that is you sit down at a desk and complete the induction handed to you by reading the content and completing the questions connected to the information you have read and then you do it all again in 11 months time as the renewals start to occur.

A recent collection of over 40 schools shared how they complete over 4000 manual inductions every year while many customers in a wide range of industries share the time & resources allocated to managing the induction process with us each week.

How much time would you save if the inductions could be completed online without your presence?

What are the three ways an employee or contractor can complete an induction?

  1. Send an email – complete the induction online on or off site by completing the induction with your email address
  2. Set up a contractor kiosk – Set up a dedicated induction kiosk that will allow a contractor or employee to complete the induction at a PC onsite.
  3. Send a text message – allowing the induction to be completed by smart device.

Which method is best for your location?

I will details some examples below of how companies use the induction module now. Often the method can be determined by the way the induction is built and the length of time it takes to complete You can read more about how long an induction should be here

Royal Prince Alfred hospital – selected Time & People to implement the induction module to replace an existing system in place not connected with the sign in and sign out process. Connecting the induction with the sign in and sign out process on site gave added functionality of non compliance triggers being fired should a person sign in and the induction had expired. RPA had existing dedicated computers available for the contractor to sit down and complete the induction before signing in.

Gateway Motorway – had to save time on the induction process, when first making the inquiry 3-4 years ago one of the main goals was to give back some time to operational staff who were spending 50 percent of the working week taking people through manual inductions. Along came online inductions and dozens of hours saved monthly with all inductions that can be completed off site completed before the contractor arrives on site.

Mobile phone inductions simply give you more flexibility when a person turns up and has not completed the online induction you asked them to complete, while standing there you can send an invite to the smart phone for the induction to be completed on the phone before they commence work.

You are in full control – are you ready to save time with your current induction process?

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