Cracking customer suggestion – and we could do it out of the box

I had a customer come to me last week and explain how they had contractors who would go onto the roof of the building for any number of reasons including air conditioning, antennas and general maintenance. The issue as it was explained to me was the customer never knew when the contractors were actually on the roof and the biggest issue when they were actually off the roof. As the process was explained to me in detail about the contractor arriving on site and completing the necessary paperwork to go onto the roof the biggest concern of the customer was not that the paperwork had been completed or the process in which the paperwork needs to be completed the biggest issue was shared where a contractor who has been approved to go onto the roof does not actually indicate that they are off the roof safely as the contractor could not find the facilities manager to confirm they were off the roof.

The customer asked if it was possible that the contractor to advise electronically that they are going onto the roof “NOW” if the contractor could trigger at the time of going onto the roof that they are “NOW” going onto the roof. Whosonlocation does have the ability to create a trigger so we created a zone called I am “Now going onto the roof” and another called I am ”NOW off the roof safely”

The end result you can see below where the contractor must acknowledge they are now going onto the roof which will immediately send an SMS or email to one or many people that need to be notified, equally important and to resolve the biggest issue the customer was having was to notify that the contractor was now off the roof safely.

Contractor advises going onto the roof – Message can be sent to one or many automatically by SMS and/or email advising appropriate staff

IMG_4474                 Contractor_on_roof_text_message

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