2 reasons why you will use a visitor management system in 2017

While there are any number of reasons why you may consider using a visitor management software solution in your business in 2017 there are two reasons that stand out.

1/ Security
The number one reason for companies to implement a visitor management software solution in 2017 will be security. As technology continues to grow and expand bringing us new products like driver-less cars and pizza delivered by drones building security technology is also expanding. How can a visitor management software solution help you in your buildings with security?

Increasingly we are being asked by customers to only allow a visitor on site who has been approved by the host. If a visitor turns up to a location and has not been pre-registered the visitor management software can stop the visitor from gaining access. This feature that can be turned on or turned off can increase your visitor security in your buildings.

How do you know if John Smith who has just signed in on your visitor book is actually John Smith?

An example of how visitor management software could assist you to confirm that John Smith is John Smith would be the ability for the host to collect the visitor on arrival after receiving and email or SMS advising of the visitor arrival. Through a self serve kiosk the host could acknowledge the visitor is who they say they are. If you’ve never met the visitor a business card is an easy way to get some initial information about the person you are talking to, of course knowing the visitor was coming to visit you these days we can also search LinkedIn to read more about the person before we even meet.
We call this functionality host badge pass authorization. Strengthening your site security by only allowing authorized visitors to sign in to your visitor management solution. Once the host has approved the visitor attending the location only then the visitor pass will be produced, in other words no visitor can receive a visitor pass until approved by an employee in your building. Any time in the future you can review which employee approved the visitor and produced the visitor pass.

2/ Compliance
Ever since visitor management software was introduced to replace visitor management books visitor compliance went to a whole new level. Visitor management software today has many features like automatically booking a pre-registered visitor through your outlook or Google calendar. While these features make the management of visitors to your building much easier for the host/employee building security staff like facilities management are looking for more in the way of compliance.

How do you manage visitor compliance in your buildings?
The most common way for visitors to be deemed compliant his for the visitor to complete a visitor induction that can include any questions or statements that you need answered or acknowledged at your location by your visitors.

Some example questions could be……

1/ What is the purpose of your visit today
2/ What is the name of the company you work for
3/ Who is your host?
4/ In the event of an emergency would you need assistance to evacuate?
5/ How long you intend on being on site today?

Some example statements could include……

1/ Smoking is not permitted while on the grounds of this hospital
2/ Taking photos of students while on campus with a mobile phone or camera is not permitted
3/ When entering this facility you must wear safety boots please confirm you are wearing safety boots
4/ You will be asked shortly to confirm our nondisclosure agreement

The next level of compliance includes the ability to confirm drivers license, passports or any other legal document that you need confirmed on the arrival of visitors to your location. The level of compliance needed by our customers goes from 0 to 10 with zero needing no compliance at all. Powerful visitor management software solutions will assist your company regardless of size and compliance needs.

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Evacuation Reporting
How do you know the names of visitors on-site at your location in the event of an evacuation? For most companies the answer to this question is we simply do not know….. If you have a list of things that you would like to achieve in 2017 add improving your evacuation processes

How do you manage your visitors at your locations?

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