Visitor Management software running on a 65 inch interactive white board – say what!!

I love these stories and enjoy sharing when they happen. Up until yesterday my only experience with Interactive White Boards has been with my kids in school. The kids tell me how cool they are the I have seen them in classrooms being used.

I also have a business colleague who for many years has provided interactive whiteboards to schools all over Australia.

Yesterday I took a call from Elliot who works for Ricoh in Perth. He called with an issue where we had looked at a number of visitor management software systems only to find they only worked on iPads. Elliot had a customer quite keen to put an Interactive Whiteboard in place in the reception area to run the visitor management software for the building.

Elliot had the Ricoh IWB D6500 a 65 inch interactive whiteboard and wanted to know if our software would work on his interactive white board. I asked Elliot while on the phone could he set up a web browser on his Interactive Whiteboard, Elliot said he would set up and call back in 5 minutes.

When Elliot called back I gave instructions to log into a demonstration visitor management kiosk and of course the rest is history :)) Elliot was impressed and I asked for a picture, how could I blog about this story without a picture.


This screen makes our largest Visitor Management Kiosk :))


If you would like to know more about the 65 inch Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard you can contact Elliot at the office on 08 9347 0450 You can also read more here


If you would like to impress your customers with a visitor management system connected to a 65 inch interactive whiteboard and would like to book in a demonstration you can Book in a Visitor Management demonstration