Visitor Management 101 – Increase security with Visitor photo capture on arrival

Visitor Management software has come along way over the past 5 years. One of the more popular features is photo capture when a visitor or contractor signs in.


Photo capture has exploded since the release of the first iPhone’s in June 2007. Quickly followed by the iPad in April 2010 we simply could not take enough photos. Now every smart device on the planet is taking photos and our biggest issue now is not what unit to buy for a camera it is where do we store all of this data.

I recently went through an exercise of bringing the families thousands of digital photos together into one place. We all have photos, we all have accounts connected to our smart device but nothing centralized all of the data into one place. After reviewing many options I selected Google Photos and it has been a breeze. We just had to wait for 4 weeks for all the data to load 🙂

Visitor Management now includes photo capture as a standard option that is very popular for employees, contractors and visitors. Collecting the photo of the person signing in can increase the security measures at your location.

Increased security is on the rise.

When a photo of a visitor is captured during the sign in process there are a number of things we can do with the photo.


  • Send the visitor photo to the host that was selected. It is possible the visitor and the host have never met, how good would it be of the host got a message that included a picture of the visitor. I have worked into some very busy reception areas where more than 1000 people a day will visit, at any one time you will always see dozens of people in the foyer waiting to be collected for a meeting or just been collected for a meeting. Seeing the face of the visitor will make this process easier.
  • The reverse of sending the visitor photo to the host would be to send the host picture to the visitor when they sign in. Using a self serve kiosk at the end of the sign in process if you have photos of the employees in your database you can send a picture of the host to the visitor to assist in the situation where they have never met.


  • The Visitor photo is also stored in the visitor database where you can recall the image anytime in the future.