3 tips for tracking assets given to an employee, visitor or contractor

Issuing assets happens every week in most businesses and in most cases the issuing of an asset is unrecorded. Assets can be as simple as keys or cards where you may give the key to the server room to a contractor to do some work for you may give an access control card to a visitor to have access through your building.

Common asset groups include….

Meeting room equipment
PPE equipment

I walked into a school recently and watched the admin person turnaround and open a cupboard with around 30 sets of keys, one set of keys was then handed to a contractor but no recording of the event took place not even a manual recording.

Tip1 – Record Asset Issuance
Record Asset Issuance. As soon as you start to record the issuance of an asset
you will lose less assets. I remember many years ago Opera Australia moving from a paper system to an electronic asset management system and the end result was tens of thousands of dollars worth of assets did not go missing.

Tip 2 – Record electronically
Recording anything today on paper or in a note book is difficult at the best of times, the same issue exists every time, “I cant read the writing” As soon as you go electronic even if it is just a spreadsheet you will be in front.

Tip 3 – Move away from the spreadsheet to get better asset reporting
Spreadsheets are great, I have hundreds but some spreadsheets are best taken to the next level. Moving your asset issuance into a purpose built data base will give you the most powerful reporting.

  • Historically report on the asset over any period of time
  • Instant reports on any individual or company
  • Instant reports on employees and assets

asset1 - list of assets recently issued

We have customers who use the asset module to track shared vehicles where the keys include a bar code and each time the keys are handed out to a new driver the bar code is scanned against the profile of the driver electronically issuing the asset to the driver. How handy would this be in the future when you need to see who was driving the car 3 weeks ago on a Tuesday at 10 AM to sort out a speeding fine.

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