Visitor Management – signing in employees for evacuation without signing them in!!

This problem comes up often……the customer says we want to use the evacuation module but we do not want the employees to sign in and out every day.

We have a great solution that came to us from some schools in Western Australia. Several schools really wanted a current live list of who was on site including teachers but they did not want teachers to sign in, complicating the problem further they wanted casual teachers to sign in and out.


Turn on the auto sign in and auto sign out feature for employees, automatically sign in and out all employees excluding the department casual teachers. So every teacher is now signed in.


All we need now is when a teacher calls in sick is one of the admin staff to simply sign the sick teacher out and now they are not on the evacuation report. This solution can easily work for any business where you want to have an accurate evacuation report but you do not want employees to sign in and sign out.

Should you want employees to sign in and sign out or already have this data from turnstile access control or employee time and attendance systems like Deputy then we have an API that can automate this process.