Inductions – Why have them? How can I keep track of Inductions?

Inductions are my biggest headache…..I hear this comment every week.

Inductions have been around for a very long time. Inductions may have originally been referred to as orientations. I remember as a kid going on camp having an orientation of the location before we could go out an play. This was at a time when my father was employing staff in his welding business but never did any style of Induction, formally anyway.

Over the past 20 to 30 years inductions have become a lot more formal, it is not unusual today to start a job and one of the first things you will do is have an induction that includes company policies, walk around buildings for familiarization of the location, introductions to other employees in the building you will be working with and more.

As a contractor working on multiple locations for multiple customers you may have completed many online inductions as every location has its own style of site specific induction.

Why have inductions?

Inductions are an important part of sharing key information to any person coming onto your location. Information that is shared can include….

  • Health & safety information
  • Company videos
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Drug and alcohol polices
  • Safety information
  • and much more

I have been onto customer locations where an induction is set to be renewed every 2 years. Do you think any person today with information overload will remember 6 months later the details about your site specific induction? I know I could not remember what I did 18 months ago on a site visit to a building.

Should an Induction be renewed every 2 years or less?

I often say manual inductions were such a pain that companies set 2 years as a renewal date just so they did not have to go through the whole process again so soon. Sometimes within the 2 year period the person that set up all the inductions and processes around the inductions has actually moved on.

How can you make completing inductions easier?

With today’s technologies it has never been easier to give access to an induction. I know of three common ways that inductions are completed.

  1. Send an email to the person that needs to complete the induction and they can complete the induction off site before arriving
  2. Sit contractor or employee at a PC and complete induction onsite
  3. Send an SMS to the person that needs to complete the induction and they can complete the induction off site on their mobile phone before arriving or on arrival

Mobile Induction - 1 Mobile Induction - 2 Mobile Induction - 3 Mobile Induction - 4 Mobile Indcution - Question

Do you keep track of expired inductions or insurance policies?

Here is the kicker – If you read nothing else on this page you must read this section – Most companies we talk to actually gather all of the information to manage inductions and insurances. Most companies we talk to share with us that they just do not have the man power or systems to actually check every person coming on site to know if an induction has expired or if the companies insurance policies are up to date.

Would you like to automate these major company issues? What if you could be notified immediately when a contractor signed into your location and you were alerted to the fact that an uninsured worker was about to commence work on your site?

What if you could automatically stop the uninsured person from signing in?


What if you could receive a similar style of notice every time a worker signed in and the induction was not up to date even though 30 days prior to expiring you sent a notice asking the contractor/employee to update their induction!


What if you could automate these processes in your business?

All starting from just $20 per month per location.

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