I need help with Employee, Contractor and Visitor Inductions!!


Inductions are most commonly completed initially to share information with new Employees, Contractors or Visitors. Inductions give you the opportunity to share information that is important to your organisation that will assist the Employee, Contractor or Visitor understand what you require from them while at your location.

Once an initial induction is completed further update inductions can be completed at a time nominated by you, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months for example.

We have two common ways to induct people into your building/s

Kiosk Induction – Light Induction
Designed to be a couple of minutes or less in high traffic areas. This induction can give the visitor or contractor a short easy to read location based induction. No pass fail rates, just complete the induction by acknowledging you understand each page of information that is being presented . You can ask questions to gather and report on information collected from the person completing the induction.

Some customers ask can we put a video into this induction, yes you can but be mindful of the length of the video, if it goes for 5 minutes the next visitor cannot sign in until the previous visitor is finished watching the 5 minute induction video, long light inductions can cause issues in busy areas with visitors lining up waiting to sign in. We must find the balance for each location where the visitor or contractor signs in quickly enough but also gets the correct amount of information. If you must have a long video as part of your initial induction like some of our customers then you can just set up more iPads as visitor kiosks to help handle the volume of people and length of the induction

Intended users – Visitor and Contractors

Online Induction – Heavy Induction
Here is where you can build a detailed induction with pass fail rates. Designed for employees and contractors you can build a library of inductions that can be completed by employees or contractors online or at a designated PC in your office. These inductions typically go for 15-20 minutes up to 50 to 60 minutes and are not designed to be completed on a visitor kiosk due to the length of time it takes to complete the induction.

This induction can be completed online simply by sending an email out to the person who needs to complete the induction and they can complete online and off site. Another method for some customers is to set up an Induction kiosk or two depending on the traffic inside your office where the person can complete the induction while on site. I remember writing a blog about a customer who saved 48 hours a week just by moving the induction off site – You can read the story from 2014 here

The results of the induction are recorded automatically against the profile of the employee or contractor with an expiry date based on the settings against the induction, when the induction is due for renewal the employee or contractor can be sent an automatic email asking them to update the induction.

Intended users – Employees and Contractors

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