How do you track your training like Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Every day I talk to more companies bogged down by more red tape, I have just got off the phone to a customers in Canada who needs to have Contractors supply workers compensation certificates every 12 weeks, not only do they need to collect confirmation of these certificates they also need to manage the insurance policies in such a way that every contractor who signs into the plant needs the insurance checked at the time of sign in.

This customer has been using our software for 3 years and is a very large multi-national company with locations in more than 150 countries around the world.

Each Contractor on site also needs to have previously completed the GMP Contractor Induction as the location makes food products. Keeping track of thousands of contractors on your location/s and if they have or have not completed a GMP Induction in a spreadsheet is no longer required.


I have written a lot over the past 12 months about Qualifications and Inductions for employees, contractors and visitors to your location. Keeping track of this information manually can be a nightmare at best. Today I wanted to summarize some of those blogs into one blog for easy access.

What if you could move away from your spreadsheet, get automatic notifications when a Qualification or Induction was about to expire along with an automated notification when a non compliant uninsured visitor or contractor tries to sign into your location

Save your self hundreds of hours a year and automate your Qualifications and Inductions.

A recent detailed story on an employee who exceeded in her business because she set up an internal qualifications database
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I remember this customer telling me back in 2014 how he immediately saved more than 48 hours a week in his department by automating inductions
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What if you could trigger events easily helping you automatically with better compliance
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