Employee and Contractor qualifications – how can you keep track? Reception staff fast track your promotion!

I have been working recently with an Australian company with a turnover of more than 12 billion dollars along with more than 16000 employees. Companies today around the world of this size and larger have often found they are behind the curve when it comes to systems.

New companies formed in the past decade have driven the rise of new technology, cloud technology while some larger companies are coming on board over the past decade most large organisations are only just getting started with the types of technologies that can transform a business today no matter how large.

I am not surprised to see many of these large corporate companies managing thousands or hundreds of thousands of pieces of information through spreadsheets. Cloud technology has and will change this spreadsheet phenomenon going forward forever.

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Back to my story and my customer was managing thousands of qualifications connected to employees and contractors in a multiple spreadsheets that were not connected to each other across multiple locations. Monthly checking of spreadsheets to see what qualifications had expired or were about to expire was a regular manual process taking many hours every month.

Our customer was using our visitor management software to manage the presence of visitors on and off site at one head office in Melbourne. The receptionist at the time had a larger issue with qualifications, as she explained the issue to me they really did not have a good handle on who was qualified for what and there was so much data across multiple locations in multiple spreadsheets nothing was centralized. The receptionist could see an opportunity to improve on a business problem using existing Visitor Management software.


I showed the receptionist the qualifications module that was built into the visitor management software to manage the qualifications of employees and contractors.

OUTSTANDING was the response. I was asked if a few small changes could be made to the module to make it even easier on a such a large scale. Some of those initial changes gave easier reporting within a couple of clicks where you can see who has and who has not got a qualification. Assigning qualifications to roles makes the management even easier.


Moving forward and this clever receptionist has now been promoted away from the reception desk and under the National Manager for health and safety.

Examples of qualifications include first aid certificate, fire wardens, asbestos awareness, equal opportunity management, electrical licence etc. There are thousands and thousands of qualifications around the world, how do you track yours?

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