Why are so many schools and universities signing up for Visitor Management Software?

2015 was a huge year for schools and Visitor Management software. Why have so many schools signed up in 2015 and what is going to happen in 2016? We expect the number of schools and universities to increase significantly through 2016 and 2017.

Visitor Management software has made available the ability to know electronically what visitors and contractors are on site, modules like the asset module allow easy management of assets issued that you expect returned. Small schools get to see historical information around visitors and contractors on site. Large schools with multiple buildings can expand the software into other parts of the school like the uniform room where parents bypass reception and just go directly to the uniform room.

Larger schools, Universities and schools with multiple locations can set up pre-approved contractors where during the approval process photos of the contractor can be recorded at the same time as collecting working with children information which can also go against the profile of the contractor.



Many schools have started using the Visitor Management sign in process for temporary employees to capture electronic sign in and out which gives total hours on site.employee_time_on_site

Evacuation Management is another hot topic when it comes to the larger schools and universities.

WOLEvac5- people verified safe

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 Recent Schools who started using Visitor Management software

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