Are you responsible for Evacuation Drills in your building? You must watch this!

If you are responsible for the evacuation drill real or practiced in your building what is your role?

Are you the Health and Safety Manager? Are you the HSE, SHE or HSQE Manager? Are you the Facilities Manager? Have you just been given the position floor warden or fire warden? No matter what position you have in your business if you are part of the team that runs the evacuation in the event of an emergency then you will want to watch this short video.

People management in evacuations just went digital

Since the release of our evacuation module to assist customers running an evacuation drill in our visitor management software globally the feedback from existing customers has been outstanding. Just today an existing customer in Australia said “this is so much more than I ever imagined when I initially asked for this feature” Mark From ZacPac went on to say this is a great reason to now have our employee start and finish times in the visitor management software for the purpose of evacuation management.

In the past 3 months I’ve spoken with many companies small and large when I ask about evacuation management all of the corporate’s have an annual, bi-annual or quarterly evacuation drill. The process is manual and when asked to go into detail about the process I am finding many companies with incomplete evacuation management systems.

I remember writing a visitor blog a few months back about a shipyard in Perth Australia running manual monthly evacuation drills taking around 2000 employees every month out of action for 2-3 hours, what do you reckon this was costing every month in down time?

If you have any of the following problems you should watch this video

  • We do not know which employees are in our building at any time of the day
  • We do not know what visitors are in our building at any time during the day
  • Our evacuation drills are not run very well
  • Our fire wardens / floor wardens cannot communicate easily during the evacuation drill
  • Our building is so large we have 8 floor wardens and the fire evacuation drill is a nightmare to bring together.
  • At the end of the evacuation drill we think we have cleared the floors but we are unclear on who was in the building before we even started therefore we actually don’t know if everyone safe
  • We take to long to clear the employees from the manual list
  • At the end of the evacuation drill I spend hours writing up reports.

I made this video recently for a customer….

Watch 4 minute simulated evacuation drill by the floor warden with detailed reporting

I have heard stories by customers being asked to pick up the books to go outside, pick up the ipad or tablet to go outside off the reception desk. In a real evacuation I don’t think it is a good idea to have to be told to pick something up as you are running out of the building.  What if you are running the other way?

I spoke with another customer this week who indicated they called in a professional company to run the evacuation drill twice a year, I asked how do they manage the evacuation process?…….the answer was on paper. The customer was quite impressed to know they could give access to the evacuation app to the outsourced evacuation company to assist with the running of the fire drill.

WOLEvac7 FloorWardenlive update

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