Evacuation Management – How do you manage your evacuation process?

Evacuation management can be as simple as a book with a list of names, walk outside and start checking names off the list…..but what if you have hundreds or even thousands of people to check off, how can you do this with paper? The reality is you can’t or at least if you try you will need many hours to complete the task. I speak with dozens of companies every week all running evacuation drills manually, all with issues and stories to tell about how the manual system just does not work well enough.

How many floor wardens / supervisors should you have for every 100 people you are checking off as safe?

I remember speaking with a shipbuilder in Western Australia who had to complete an evacuation drill every month. Each month the evacuation drill took up to 2-3 hours to complete. 2-3 hours of downtime for nearly 2000 workers every month….. What cost would this add to your business?

WOLEvac7 FloorWardenlive update

Technology has made the evacuation process easier than ever before, welcome to WolEvac. Multiple floor wardens/supervisors can now all at the same time be signing people out safe during your evacuation drill minimizing the centralized list of the people who are missing. No more crosschecking paper lists like they still do in poll booths taking days or weeks to correlate the information.

While multiple floor wardens are signing out their area or zone or floor you can use WolEvac to also open up communication between the floor wardens. Every floor warden can see where every other floor warden is up to, finish your area sooner you can now go and assist other floor wardens check people out safe.

Evacuation drills include much more than just the visitors, you can also manage employees on site as well as contractors on site.

How can you get employee presence into your Visitor Management system?

While we could ask employees to sign in twice, once for time and attendance and once for evacuation it makes much more sense to integrate with the time and attendance product. WhosOnLocation can integrate with any time and attendance system that can share the data collected. Deputy is a very popular cloud based rostering system that easily pushes the data collected from employees signing in and out directly into the evacuation management software with the visitor and contractor information making a complete list of all the people on site for the evacuation drill.

School example
Just last week I was asked by a large high school if they could have 40 floor wardens, effectively in school lock down all the kids have to go to their own home room, each teacher needs to sign out their own zone, in this case the home room. This is a perfect scenario for WolEvac where each teacher can have WolEvac on their smart phone ready for the evacuation drill. How easy it becomes to deal with one student in the wrong room, teacher “a” signs the student out safe and teacher “b” can see the name is not on her list even though the teacher cannot see the student. 

Communication across 40 teachers in 40 different zones would also be made simple with WolEvac

Multiple location companies can put in place consistent evacuation management plans for the entire company creating global consistency.

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