Building Evacuation Management – 1 app you cannot go without!

Evacuation Management is one of the most asked about aspects of our visitor management software. Quickly and easily accounting for all of the people present in your building can take considerable time with mixed results when running a paper based system.

How would you like to know how you were travelling during your evacuation process on the safety of all of the visitors in your building? What reports do you have in place for your annual evacuation drill? How long does your evacuation drill take?

WOLEvac5- people verified safe

Once you have your visitor management software installed allocate floor wardens, supervisors with access to run the evacuation. From the minute the evacuation starts the clock is ticking, set up as many floor wardens as you need. Each floor warden can be signing people out safe simultaneously….one of the outcomes on each evacuation is how long the evacuation took to complete from the time the evacuation drill is triggered to the time every person has been accounted for safe and the event is closed off.

4 simple steps

  • Trigger evacuation drill event
  • Single or multiple floor wardens can sign all people visible into safe
  • SMS any person not standing in front of you (could have walked out and gone to coffee shop for coffee)
  • Close evacuation drill event, look at reports, review processes for next evacuation drill.

WOLEvac7 FloorWardenlive update

  • Clear zones
  • Clear floors
  • Clear buildings

Detailed & Summary Reporting

WOLEvac9 detailed reporting

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