Sharing important messages with contractors when they sign into your location

Contractor Management was included as a module with our visitor management software many years ago when our visitor management customers started asking for the ability for contractors to sign into a location and receive different information to the visitor. Contractor management has evolved over the years as more and more customers globally started to use the module. there are 2 main reasons why customers use the contractor module, there are many reasons but there are 2 very popular reasons why customers choose this module.

  1. Compliance
  2. Verification of time on site to compare against invoices

While we have many reasons for companies to use the contractor module, compliance, where we can check the validity of the contractor to be on site covering inductions, insurances and more is one of the most popular. Verifying the time a contractor has been on site against an invoice is another very popular reason for contractors to sign in & out electronically. We also have contractors on our evacuation reports because they are signing in and signing out their presence on site electronically into the visitor Management system.

This short video below is an example of sharing an acknowledgement notice which is a message that you need to push to contractors coming to your location today. Not to be confused with and induction on sign in these messages that we call acknowledgement notices are designed to allow the user to push important information on the day to any contract signing in a your location either through the self-serve kiosk or the contractors own mobile phone.


In this short video we show how the acknowledgement notice is pushed to the contractor on a self-serve kiosk and also their own mobile phone using our included free app

We also show in the short contractor management video you can assign an existing bar code or RFID card to the profile of the contractor when they sign in. In this example we use a bar code off a drivers licence where once the barcode is assigned against the contractors profile the contractor can in future use the barcode of his drivers licence to sign in & out quickly.
WOL2 – Example Acknowledgment message
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