Why would a retail chain install Visitor Management Software?

Over the past 6 months I have seen a real increase in the number of companies  who are looking to collect data for very different reasons than we normally experience. Visitor management software is designed to manage the presence of every person in a building or buildings, making this information available for reporting to a single location or to a head office who can review information from multiple locations. We simply sign in and sign out each person that attends your location.

We have not only seen an increase in the number of companies looking to collect different information we have also seen an increase in the types of questions that are being asked of visitors to locations around the globe. More recently we are seeing a significant increase in the area of supplier maintenance. Suppliers  can visit your business daily, weekly, monthly in a routine manner or just turn up randomly, I like to call them randoms. our customers are looking to collect is more information from suppliers during a store visit. Retail is the area that is increasing at the fastest rate where customers are looking to collect information about supplier activity to many locations across the country or around the globe.

Some common questions we are seeing asked  include…….

How frequently do your suppliers visit your stores?
What do your suppliers do when they visit your stores?
What evidence do you have of your supplier’s activities in your stores?

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WhosOnLocation visitor Management software gives you the ability to allow suppliers to sign in & out their presence across multiple locations around the country or across the globe. Collecting this information on supplier presence across multiple locations allows you to easily report on the activities of suppliers to your business. asking your suppliers questions when they sign in and when they sign out allows you to collect further information that can assist you understand how much effort your suppliers are putting into your stores.

I’ve had many conversations with store owners, managers and management  who all talk about having no understanding around the activity of suppliers in their stores.

What if you could have this information in your hands with just a few clicks for a single store or multiple stores around the country or across the globe? What questions would you like to ask?

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