How does Asset Management fit into Visitor Management?

The Asset Module has been extremely popular in buildings where access control cards or keys to doors need to be managed. If these assets are managed manually in your building you may want to consider going electronic. I was only visiting a school this week where I watched  an employee walk into the admin office ask for the keys to a vehicle  that was a shared vehicle only to see the keys handed over with no  recording of the event either manually or electronically. When a speeding or parking ticket comes into the business in 2 or 3 weeks time how will we know who was driving the vehicle that day at that time?

Do you hand over assets in your business without any recording of the event?

Asset Types

The asset module is included with all versions of the visitor management software from business level and up. One project that comes to mind where the asset module is used extensively is Opera on the Harbour, this event occurs annually  in March or April of each year where hundreds of contractors are required to build and then dismantle the stage and surroundings on Sydney Harbour. Hundreds of asset transactions occur daily as contractors are given keys, radios, hi viz vests and any other item that is required on the job. These assets are issued and returned electronically and assigned to each contractor or employee so that at any time you can produce an asset register list and see who has what asset.

At the end of the event which lasts for 30 days Opera Australia can produce a list of any assets that have not been returned with the details of the contractor or employee and contact details to assist with the return of the assets.

For many years now customers have taken advantage of the Asset Module in the old version of our software. It is not long now until this module is released in the new version of our software with all of the features we have had for years plus many new features to make the management of assets in your building easier than ever before.

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