Visitor Induction – What information do you need to share when your visitors sign into your building?

school visitor management sign in notice

Inductions by visitors is one of the fastest growing requests we get from customers initially looking for a visitor management system to replace visitor management books. A visitor management induction can be as simple as 2 or 3 image statements that will provide information to the visitor that a company wants to share with the visitor on their arrival typically for the safety of the visitor during the visit.

A visitor management induction can be much more than 2 to 3 pages just recently we had a customer that required a 22 page visitor induction to be included in the electronic visitor sign in process. What do you need to consider when building your visitor management induction either on paper, PowerPoint or in an electronic visitor management system.

There is no right or wrong when building your visitor management induction it needs to be as short as you can deliver your message or as long as you need to keep the visitor safe at all times. The most common type of visitor induction we see today is between 4 and 6 pages. Some common examples of messages that companies like to share with the visitors include….

  • no smoking while on site
  • no cameras or phones – taking photos not allowed
  • please review the evacuation points in our building
  • when you hear a siren 3 times please follow the floor wardens instructions
  • do you have a working with children number?


We call these entry questions or statements, information we want the visitor to absorb before coming on site. We want the visitor to acknowledge that they have read and understood the information.

More recently it is not uncommon to see exit questions. What is an exit question? An exit question is a question that we would like the visitor to answer on their exit from the building. One of the most popular I have ever seen is…. have you been injured while on site today? in days gone by we simply asked this question and got a yes or a no. with today’s technology we can not only ask the question but we can create a question tree where each answer to the question can deliver further information or ask more questions.

Here is a very short example of a couple of inductions screens for a visitor sharing important information for a single location.