Visitor Management System goes multilingual now in Spanish – well almost….

We have been asked a few times over the years to support multiple languages, for us this has always been a challenge to achieve mostly around maintaining multiple languages in the helpdesk where we provide detailed video analysis to assist customers with support information to refer to when learning new features. We have often wondered how hard it would to maintain all of the videos for all the languages.

One of our newest resellers in Cost Rica this week ran the WhosOnLocation Visitor Management System through Google Translate. Bernardo has written some code to allow his customers to use the WhosOnLocation software while continually running through the Google translate program.

And here is the result, now because I have no experience in Spanish I actually cannot report on how accurate the translation is. I can say that Bernardo was most impressed with the result as he prepared the software for one of his customers a private school.

Visitor Management Sign in screen in Spanish


Visitor Management Location Manager screen with sign in and sign out button in Spanish


Visitor Management administrator menu in Spanish


My favourite the Visitor Management self serve kiosk in Spanish.

Thanks very much to Bernardo, if you need a visitor management solution in Costa Rica please contact Bernardo
Bernardo Corrales Araya
Strategic Alliance & Business Development
Kikowa Solutions
Costa Rica Mobile: (+506) 8326-8326
Costa Rica


Currently, WhosOnLocation is only available in English. We have found, however, that our customers are able to use the Google Translate plugin for Google Chrome, to effectively translate WhosOnLocation into your chosen language. You can find some more information about this plugin in .