This is the type of email you want from your customers every day…..

Should you still be using manual visitor management books?

This transaction took place yesterday. It started with a customer of more than 12 months contacting me to ask if I could assist to produce a particular report. Paul called to ask if I could assist him produce a report that included visitor data out of the visitor management system of all visitors from a particular company who had visited the location in the past 12 months and had met with Paul.

I love these types of calls because we are moving away from the visitor book sign in sign out process which is often why our software is initially purchased. Electronic Visitor Management Systems can do so much more than a visitor management book.

Over the phone I guided Paul to login to the software with his username and password. It became apparent that Paul did not have access to the reports module. I asked Paul to contact Kim (name changed for privacy) who was the administrator of the software at this location to update the user role for Paul and give access to reports.

Paul call back with his user role updated and he now had access to reports. I asked Paul what information do we need to see in the report. Paul explained he was looking for a report that covered the past 12 months of people who had visited Paul from a particular company…… here is where I love these types of calls I know the information Paul is looking for is in the database we just need to help all extract the data he is looking for.

We started to create the report first searching by company name then adding further search criteria to drill down in the report and include people from the company who had visited Paul. Within a couple of seconds Paul had the information he was looking for right in front of his eyes from a database with thousands and thousands of entries.

I asked Paul why he was looking for the information. Paul advised how they had a room in the building that held items and I did not ask any further questions after this.

Paul called me back 10 minutes after making the first call to thank me for my assistance and while I was talking to Paul on the phone I received an email from his boss, I have changed the names for privacy.

This is the type of email you want to get from your customers every day…

Hi Peter,

Just want to let you know both Paul and I are very appreciative with the
assistance you provided in such a timely manner.  Paul is very impressed
with the system and how easy and effective it was to get the report he

Another satisfied customer.



Visitor Management has traditionally been all about capturing the visitor’s name where they are from and who they are here to see. When we go electronic with visitor management software we can do so much more. Communication across the company improves. This report tracking back over 12 months of visitor history was available to Paul in a couple of minutes.

How much time would you spend scouring visitor management books to get the same report….and how accurate would the report be?

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