WOL2 new features being released this Friday

We are excited to announce the following changes coming in WOL2 this weekend. This month we have moved more customers from WOL1 to WOL2. The feedback has been amazing, there are so many comments.

Custom Questions is one of our most popular features in WOL1 and will now go live in WOL2


1.  Service Provider Management

Does your organization engage with external service providers like contractors and suppliers? Do you have a regulatory obligation to account for contractors and suppliers when they are on-site? Do you spend too much time managing contractor and supplier information, insurances, access rights, safety, security, and inductions? If you answered yes to any of these questions WhosOnLocation new Service Provider management Add-on will make it easy for your organization to manage these elements of compliance.

2.  Custom Questions

A new custom question editor will allow users to create a range of question types including single-choice, multi-choice, short answer free text, long answer free text, Waiver Acknowledgement, and Image acknowledgement type questions. In addition you can add a ‘Watch this Video’ element to your sign in process. The ability to capture critical information from your visitor in order to validate their rights to be on-site, as well as the ability for your organization to communicate core health and safety and security policies, will be made easy with this great new enhancement.

3.  Custom Conditional Questions

Conditional questions is a feature that changes what question or page a visitor sees next based on how they answer the current question. Conditional questions creates a custom path through the visitor sign in process that varies based on a visitor’s answers. Conditional Questions is a great way to identify visitors which may pose a risk to your organisation or may need to be managed in a certain way once on-site.

4.  Triggers

Triggers take action when a ‘condition’ is created or updated. For example

  • Use a trigger to send email and/or SMS notifications when a Service Provider is still on-site after your ‘curfew’ is past.
  • Setup an alert whenever a contractor or visitor answers a specific sign in question a certain way.

5.  Maximum Occupancy Alerts

Set the maximum occupancy limit for your building, office, manufacturing plant etc… then set a Trigger where if the Maximum Occupancy (total employees, visitors, and contractors on-site) is reached an email and/or sms is sent to nominated recipients in your organisation to alert them to the fact the Maximum Occupancy has been reached. About WhosOnLocation WhosOnLocation is a cloud service that brings together visitor, contractor, and employee presence, induction management, identity management, and access rights control into a single integrated solution. These services enable any organisation with an obligation to protect the well-being of its employees, visitors, and contractors as well as a need to provide security for its assets and intellectual property with a robust, secure, easy to deploy, easy to use, cost effective solution.