Can I get a low cost Visitor Management Kiosk for my Visitor Management System?

The number one question already this year is what is the best low-cost kiosk we can use with our visitor management system. We have been asked this question by schools, individual businesses and large corporates.

Yesterday I was asked a question by another school who had recently purchased visitor management software for the reception desk then decided they wanted to have a self serve visitor kiosk. Melanie asked “what is the best low-cost kiosk to allow visitors to self serve when they arrive at the school” As we had been asked this question quite a few times over the past few weeks I decided to get the office staff to spend some time researching the best offers available on the web today.

I was amazed to find visitor management kiosks under $500.

If you are thinking about a visitor management kiosk for your business you may be interested in some of these low cost kiosks below. The links will go directly through to the stores selling the kiosks. You can contact us for any further questions or assistance.

JB HIFI Lenovo $478

Harvey Norman HP $476

Office Works HP $476

JB HIFI Dell $698


There is only one touch screen amongst this lot and it is about $200 more than the non touch but that is still awesome value.  The others all look good.

The Lenovo doesn’t include a keyboard or mouse but does have a webcam.  The Visitor Management software can take photos of visitors if you have a built in web cam. You would have to buy the keyboard and mouse separately.

I’m not sure of the features that are important to you but all of these will do the job with our visitor management software, We like a  visitor management kiosk to include at least three USB ports to allow peripheral devices to be connected like a DYMO visitor label printer, barcode scanner and RFID card scanner. All of these USB devices have a place with the visitor Management system and can be used individually or all together to help you manage your visitors, contractors and employees.  It will probably just depend on what features you want and also the price.

Here is my favorite out of this list the JB HIFI Lenovo $478

Looks very smart and awesome value

Lenovo all in one


A couple of weeks back I was asked by a customer what I thought of the Microsoft  Surface Pro, I explained how my daughter who started high school this year had a surface pro for High school and that I had used the laptop and thought it was a great unit. I think it cost around $1100 which makes it much more expensive than the kiosks above.

A few days after this the customer called me to say that their surface pro was not working with the visitor management visitor label printer. I asked a series of questions to help me understand why it would not work to discover that the surface pro had a cut down version of Windows and was sold for less than $400. What looked like a cheap surface pro turned out to be a unit that was not capable of handling the basics of visitor management. I am sure the $400 surface pro is a great unit when used for its intended purpose.

I’ve written many articles on kiosks for visitor management, kiosk that have ranged from less than $1000 to more than $15,000 for the airport style corporate self-serve visitor management kiosk You can read more here See a range of popular visitor management kiosks

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