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When a visitor signs in on your manual visitor books today they read the cleverly crafted message that was created to go onto the visitor pass, the message may not have changed in 10 years or more. As your visitor management book gets near its last pages you simply order more books.

example visitor pass

When an electronic visitor management system is implemented things change, you now have access to not only create  a new message for the visitor to read when they sign into a self serve kiosk but you could decide to change the message tomorrow. Adding to the complexity of electronic visitor rules is the ability to create one message for visitors, one message for contractors, another message for courier drivers, casual teachers, students etc. Moving to an electronic Visitor Management System gives you the ability to create communities (groups of people) which in turn allows you to create a message crafted just for that community.

So what happens when you change the message that includes the rules the visitor must read and electronic sign off as read and understood? The only way to manage any changes to the message visitors read when they sign in is to create version control.

Version control allows you to see which message a visitor read and acknowledged when they signed into your location




Health and Safety Implication and Benefit
If there is any dispute as to whether your organisation ‘communicated’ to a visitor a specific warning about a hazard on-site you can view the greeting version that the visitor ‘acknowledged’ under reporting. Providing evidence that the visitor was made aware of a specific rule or hazard.

Book in a demonstration of Visitor Management

Book in a demonstration of Visitor, Contractor and Induction Management


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