Online Contractor Management Induction module saves 48 hours a week

Last week while in Brisbane I went to see one of our existing customers who is not only using the visitor management module but they are also using the contractor and induction modules.

The location is a remote location to the main office where all of the contractor’s are working six days a week 24 hours a day. No contractor can go on to the actual work site without completing a detailed induction.

Visitors must complete a mini induction when arriving onsite through the self serve kiosk while contractors and suppliers are also required to sign in and out electronically.

Before going electronic the induction process previously was a manual process. Inductions were first completed manually in the office with all the information collected manually. at the end of each induction the information was then transferred manually into an in-house electronic register of the information for each contractor including the induction completion date, expiry date and pass or fail details.

Now that the system has gone electronic Geoff has advised me that he is saving his team approximately 48 hours a week. This time was previously spent where each person that needed to complete the induction was shown into the board room table to sit down and complete the induction. Geoff estimates that around 48 hours a week is the time-saving after moving the manual induction process online.

New suppliers and contractors are now set up into the electronic visitor, contractor and induction management software so an e-mail can be sent out asking the contractor to complete the appropriate induction/s for the jobsite they are going to be working on. Each contractor once they have received the e-mail can log in with a unique password and complete their induction. Once the induction is completed the contractor is e-mailed a certificate confirming a pass or fail.

Failing the induction will automatically deny access to the jobsite. Passing the induction will automatically attach the detailed induction results against the contractor profile. Once the contractor has been given final approval by management they are able to attend the jobsite.

In this example the induction is to last for 12 months, 30 days before the end of the 12 months the contractor will be sent an e-mail asking them to complete an updated induction for the following 12 months. If the contractor does not complete the updated induction within the 30 days they will automatically be denied access to the location.

If this customer is saving 48 hours a week and we based the weekly wage at $20 per hour the total dollars saved each week after going fully electronic could be as much as $960.

You can complete unlimited inductions for…..

  • employees
  • contractor’s
  • suppliers
  • volunteers
  • teachers

Any person you currently manage manual inductions with can be moved to an electronic induction management system.

Move your inductions online from $75 a month. Book in a demonstration to see how contractor and induction management can help you with your inductions.