Fortune 500 companies want more cloud and less IT

86% of Companies want to leave legacy systems behind

I found this article today from a couple of months ago off the Addicted to adaptive Blog written by Nicholas Mukhar
The article – is titled Finance Leaders Prepared to Embrace Benefits of Cloud Technology

Cloud services are not only heavily used by small business but are being welcomed by large business.

What companies are saying

  • Dialing down reliance on IT departments is top of mind for the Fortune 500
  • The Fortune 1000 value the ease of use provided by cloud solutions
  • Cost savings was the most significant aspect of moving solutions to the cloud

Small business have embraced the cloud in droves with thousands of companies every week signing up for Google Apps, I know we were an early adopter of Google Apps starting to use the service is early 2007.  In 2011 the US government agency NOAA migrated 25,000 employees to Google Apps showing Google Apps is not just about small business. Google Apps has more than 6000 resellers and it is no wonder that by 2012 Google Apps had 5 million business customers.

An Independent Forrester research on the ROI of SAAS solution in business indicated that a company with 18,000 employees would get a ROI of 329% and a break even point in 1.4 months. Google Apps for business is $50 per user per year, it is no wonder the take up globally is so massive.

Xero the New Zealand based cloud accounting software was only invented in 2006 from the day the solution was invented and released to the public it was an instant hit. the flexibility for any business owner to get access to the accounting software from any PC with a user name and password removed all of the existing hassles experienced with traditional server based installed products.

Deputy rostering and time and attendance  has exploded onto the time and attendance and rostering market as a totally cloud time and attendance software solution. Traditional time and attendance solutions just like traditional accounting solutions have suffered heavily at the hands of cloud solutions over the past 5 years.

CRM solutions like Salesforce have changed the way we manage our customers for more than a decade. Products like InfusionSoft have exploded onto the market over the past decade. Infusionsoft brings together two powerhouse products for small business including the CRM of salesforce and the marketing of Marketo all in one package priced for small business.

Visitor Management systems replace visitor management books helping reception and admin staff manage visitor registration with visitor registration software

Companies today can run the entire business online in the cloud, no servers, no costly hardware structure, each employee only needs an internet connection and they are connected to your systems. IT costs have plummeted as less hardware structure is required. I remember in one small business paying around $50,000 for servers just to install our programs like MYOB and Quickbooks plus our CRM solution and this was only 10 years ago