Johnson & Johnson select IQ Kiosks for Visitor Kiosks

Johnson and Johnson initially started with one location at Ultimo for Visitor and Contractor management. This week the visitor management kiosks made by IQ Kiosk have been completed ready to send out to the next 3 Johnson & Johnson locations.

Johnson & Johnson selected IQ Kiosk to deliver the ultimate visitor management kiosk experience. Johnson & Johnson were presented with a number of visitor management kiosks by Time & People to go with the Visitor Management software and also looked at several suppliers during their own research. Rebecca from Johnson & Johnson said the IQ Kiosk kiosks really stood out from other visitor management kiosks considered. IQ Kiosk actually developed a new style of visitor management kiosk for Johnson & Johnson from the discussions with Rebecca.

Time & People Business Development Manager Peter Morrissey worked with IQ Kiosk Managing Director Mario Scanu to ensure the finished visitor management kiosk could interact with the visitor management software seamlessly.

IQ Kiosk have been providing kiosks to Australian companies for more than 15 years to companies like BHP Biliton, Village Roadshow, IGT Australia and more recently Wet & Wild. Many of us would have already experienced an IQ Kiosk without even knowing about it. It is fair to say the visitor management kiosk end result for Johnson & Johnson is spectacular.

IQ Kiosk Managing Director Mario Scanu with Time & People Business Development Manager Peter Morrissey

3 of the visitor management kiosks ready to go. Each kiosk can have its own unique image to give visitors a welcome feeling to your companies lobby or reception. Additional items built into the visitor management kiosks include a visitor pass label printer, pinhole camera for photo ID and bar code reader. You can also add an RFID reader for reading employee, visitor or contractor RFID cards for quick sign in and sign out.

Please contact Peter Morrissey at Time & People to discuss visitor management kiosks for your business.