Visitor Management electronic employee In/Out board

Every week it seems we are being asked to create an electronic in out board for employees or contractors and today we were asked to create an In board for visitors. In / Out boards have been around for a very long time. Well before computers ever existed as we know them today. The employee In / Out board was a board on the wall with a list of employee names and you could slide yourself in or out.

I remember 30 years ago when I worked for Weston Baked Foods the employee in/out board was a piece of cord for each employee with a colored bead. You slid the bead across to out or back to in when entering the building. How technology has changed this process. Today with your visitor management system you have the ability to create an electronic employee in/out board and project onto a big screen TV.

employee in-out board

Is this how your IN/OUT board looks today?

We have a number of ways employees can sign in and out electronically to update the visitor management employee in / out board including

  • Your own smart phone
  • On a desktop, Laptop
  • Using the employee in / out board Ipad app
  • using existing RFID cards assigned to the employee swiping in and out
  • Integrate with existing Time and Attendance systems

We have one current customer who wants to project onto 50 inch plasma tv screens the list of contractors currently on site in order of most recent contractor on site to longest time on site.

Imagine then being able to project this list up on a nice big flat screen TV for all to see in your business.

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