What do my employees need to do after I have purchased a visitor management system

Getting started after purchasing a visitor management system is fairly straight forward. Set up your kiosk or your reception PC ready to receive visitors, book in some training and off you go.
The visitor management system will bring the manual processing of visitors into the 21st century. Visitors will no longer be able to see who the previous visitors were that visited your location. This is perfect when sensitive negotiations are taking place with suppliers.

If you pre book a visitor with your login details you will be able to make the visitor experience a faster experience on the visitor management kiosk when the visitor signs in. If you do not pre register your visitor the visitor will simply be asked a few more questions when they arrive at the kiosk. Your kiosk could be branded and the branding can change daily, weekly, never or whenever you want.

For example leading up to Melbourne Cup you may decide to add a branded image relative to the Melbourne Cup, this is a powerful statement to your visitors and gives the visitor a unique experience at your location.

melbourne cup
We need to know three things from a visitor when they sign in…
  1. Who are they?
  2. Where are they from?
  3. Who are they here to visit? (optional)

Your kiosk may in fact have several optional more specific questions like ….

  1. What is your mobile number
  2. Would you need assistance to evacuate in the event of an emergency?
  3. What is the purpose of your visit

Your kiosk may also include several statements the visitor may need to acknowledge when signing in as well including

  1. No smoking on site
  2. Please wash your hands before entry
  3. Please report any hazards while on site to your host.
  4. Please acknowledge the floor map showing exits in the event of an emergency
  5. and many more

If you are not using a self serve kiosk all of these functions above can be completed by your reception or admin staff. We also find on many customer locations security guards or the gatehouse also require access. Generally all front facing staff will need access to receive visitors even when a kiosk is in place unless you have created an unmanned reception area where the only way a visitor can sign in is through a self serve kiosk.

New employees to the system can learn how to pre register a visitor by watching this video


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