I was asked to summarise our visitor management solution for a company in Saudi Arabia

Thanks for your email, I will provide further information, our solution will be an excellent solution for any customer who is open to having a solution written in english, we could work with you on integrating the Visitor Management system into some of your access control solutions.

You can see a few sample videos here

The solution has several optional modules.

Visitor Management – to manage visitors, contractors and employees into and out of buildings for evacuation reporting. Assisting with lite inductions for visitors and contractors with options for different questions for visitors compared to contractors.

Contractor Module – to manage contractors into and out of locations managing contractor compliance including insurance, workers compensation and any other contractor requirements like licenses triggering denial of access warnings when any date driven policy expires. Designed to mange thousands of contractors over many locations.

Induction Module – to manage the inductions of employees and contractors. Online induction portal available for when you have thousands of contractors to process.

Additional modules at no additional cost include car park management, asset management, evacuation management and more.

Support is included in the one simple monthly fee as is training.  You can check out the visitor management system pricing here. The more locations you include the lower the cost of the solution becomes per location. We have customers all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, UK and more.

Let me know if you would like to organise a demonstration or chat more on the phone, we have an attractive reseller program. Register for a 30 day trial here and we will contact for your first included training session.