Visitor Management Inductions – What information do you need to collect from your visitors

Last week we were asked if we could play a 90 second safety video for visitors when they signed up on the visitor kiosk.  Effectively a visitor induction. We got thinking why after 7 years we had not been asked before to play a video on sign up for visitors. In our induction module we can link to videos for contractors to watch as part of an induction process but we had not previously been asked to play videos for visitor inductions.

Our main concern is time, visitors need to sign in quickly while complying with all of your company requirements. If a video went for 90 seconds and you had 4 visitors walk in at around the same time the last visitor maybe waiting several minutes before they can actually sign in. Extrapolate this out to some of our customers with 300 visitors a day or an hour and visitor video inductions may not be the most efficient method of asking a visitor to complete a visitor induction.

We see 2 types of visitor inductions, the first and most common is a series of commonly asked questions or messages that your location needs to ask for the visitor to comply with entry to your location. The second type is more of a detailed structured induction that can go for 5 to 60 minutes depending on the location, these longer more detailed inductions are typical of construction sites, mining sites etc. As soon as your visitor induction goes for more than 60 seconds you may need to consider shortening the induction process or moving the induction to another area of the business to be completed away from the busy reception/admin areas. This article will focus on the most common visitor management induction process that we encounter with customers all over the world.

Visitor Induction 101
We need to know the answer to three questions when a visitor arrives on any location anywhere in the world..

  1. Who are you?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Who are you here to see?

Once we have asked these three questions we actually have enough information to receive the visitor and send an email or SMS to the host of the visitor. Additional optional questions can include ……

  1. What is your mobile number
  2. Have you traveled overseas in the past 30 days?
  3. No cameras or mobile phones allowed on site
  4. Please report any incident to your host
  5. You may be randomly tested for drugs while on site

Turning all of these questions into fast and easy to answer questions that require the visitor to acknowledge as they sign in is a case of keeping things simple. Here is an example, you could replace a 90 second video conveying 4 messages with 4 screenshots like the one below that can be read and acknowledged in less than half the time it would take to watch the short video.

Here is an example

Random Drug Testing (Kiosk View)

You can easily design as many questions as you need for your visitors to comply. As the visitor signs in they acknowledge each question before moving onto the next question. Remember the more questions the longer the sign in process will take.

Looking to update your visitor management experience and move away from manual visitor sign in books…… Watch a couple of short videos or book in your demonstration. Call 1300 800 077 and ask for Pete if you would like to chat further about how visitor management software can help you.

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