Can Contractors be blocked from signing in if the onsite induction has expired?

We get asked this question quite a bit for customers who are using more than the Visitor Management module. The Visitor Management module does a great job but many customers need more and turn on the Contractor Module and some also turn on the Induction Module.

The Induction Module allows you to have unlimited inductions, set up and create denial of access triggers and alerts for people who have an out of date induction, insurance policy and more.

This question came in again this week so today I thought best to blog about the solution through our visitor management blog – – ·         Would we be able to block contractors from signing in if their onsite induction is not up to date on their profile?

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You can set induction expiry dates a number of ways in our solution. Once the expiry date or dates are set in the system the software will trigger denial of access alerts.

1/ You can set an induction expiry date in the contractor profile based on inductions contractors complete within your business outside of our program. Once the expiry date is set as soon as a contractor tries to sign in and the expiry date has past the system will create a denial of access trigger.

2/ You can use our Induction Module to create inductions that contractors need to complete. You can create unlimited inductions. We can assist you to bring into the Induction Module an existing induction program you have built in word or powerpoint. Just like above once the expiry date of the online induction expires a denial of access will trigger.

The denial of access when triggered will do a number of things.

1/ As soon as the denial of access is triggered with an expired induction, insurance policy etc an alert will appear on the screen of the kiosk or on the screen of the reception or security guard PC alerting the contractor what has expired. The message can also include the name and contact number of the SHE manager, OHD manager etc.

2/ At the same time the contractor is receiving the message your internal staff or multiple internal staff can also be notified of the incident vai SMS and or email.


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