Why did Tenix Solutions Head Office in Melbourne choose WhosOnLocation Visitor Management Software

Tenix Solutions based in Melbourne is a leading provider of Compliance Management Programs to State and Local Governments and processes some 4 million infringements annually. You may want to read more about the types of technology Tenix Solutions are now deploying to understand how technology is changing the landscape for everything we do including parking our car.

Initially Amanda came to us with an inquiry with the following brief….We need to manage visitors and contractors and we also issue keys out to contractors through the facilities management team. At times Tenix solutions also had people coming to the main office to apply for positions vacant. After initial discussions in June 2013 we quickly moved to an online demonstration where we could show in detail many aspects of the Visitor Management Software.

The demonstration made it clear to Amanda the WhosOnLocation Visitor Management System was a stand out in the crowd of products available online today.  With an unmanned reception, contractors and a manual induction process there was much to love about how the software could help.

I recently asked Amanda to share her thoughts on the software now it has been installed for several months.

How has WhosOnLocation assisted you in your business?

WhosOnLocation Visitor Management Software has created an easy to use tool for visitors and contractors to notify the person they are here to see of their arrival. This is something we desperately needed as we do not have a receptionist and so notifying a staff member of your arrival was impossible and created a lot of frustration for our staff and for the visitors. ·         Since WhosOnLocation has been implemented in our office feedback has been nothing but positive from staff and visitors and has relieved a lot of pressure from me constantly being called away from my work/desk to help visitors.

How has WhosOnLocation assisted you with your Visitor and contractor management?

  • We now know who is onsite and who has checked out. I love how we can find out how many people are coming into reception daily by running a report.
  • Staff are emailed once their visitor arrives and no longer have to sit at reception to wait for their visitor to arrive.
  • The easy to use scan to check out it fast and effective. Visitors actually check out now!!!!!

What do you like most about WhosOnLocation?

  •   No more keeping records of the hard copy sign in books, where people don’t fill it in properly and never sign out.
  • So simple to use and people get excited when they see it and want to use it. The first day it was introduced to our reception staff were coming from all levels just to check it out and play with it!

Please feel free to give any other feedback you feel is important to the improvement of the product and our services for you and for future customers

  • Since its been up and running I have had to contact support twice and response on both occasions has been very quick so your service support team have been very helpful and responsive in helping me fix a few things.

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