What are the best types of kiosks for self serve Visitor Management to reduce workload in your reception area?

I said last post I will detail the most popular styles of visitor management kiosks that customers are implementing with our visitor management system including iPads, All in one Touch Screen Visitor Management Kiosks, wall mounted visitor management kiosks and Airport style kiosks for the most professional look and feel for your visitors.

Today we will go over the pros and cons of each type of the most popular Visitor Management Kiosks available today. Excluding iPads and Tablets, most touch screen Visitor Management Kiosks today will perform the same functions giving you everything you need for a complete kiosk package. We will talk further about some of the limitations of iPads and Tablets when setting up Visitor Management Kiosks.

iPads, Tablets

iPads and Tablets are everywhere, we have all adopted them because they are so easy to use. I remember sending an iPad 2 to my mum many years ago giving mum an opportunity to communicate at a whole new level with her kids and grand kids. Every week now mum gets emails and photos from the kids, grand kids as well as some of mums friends who are thousands of kilometers away. While dad can check the footy scores and read the latest footy stories.

iPads and Tablets are now easily turned into visitor management kiosks, low cost and small footprint are distinct advantages. iPads and Tablets still have a few restrictions currently where you cannot print easily to a label printer to produce the visitor label. A lot of customers also use USB RFID readers to allow employees and regular contractors to check in and out quickly each day for evacuation reporting. Currently you cannot plug in a USB device into an iPad or Tablet.


Touch Screen Visitor Management Kiosks

You can turn any touch screen monitor into a visitor management kiosk, we have customers running a second screen off the reception PC where the second screen is a touch screen monitor and used specifically for visitor management as a visitor management kiosk.

All in one Touch Screen Visitor Management Kiosks

All in one touch screen computers have been coming out on mass over the past few years, Just recently in January I was assisting a customer in Canada who was having trouble tying down the IT department to get 3 kiosks up and running across the location. Catherine emailed me and asked if I could assist with kiosks. We spoke for a bit and established the company has a Staples retail outlet just around the corner, so we logged in online together and searched staples for an “all in one touchscreen computer”. The first one that came up was $799 with several others up to around $1250.

Catherine purchased three kiosks that day through staples and had them delivered next day. Now all IT had to do was put the all in one touch screen computers on the network and load up company specific security programs. Catherine was happy, the IT department was pleased they did not have to worry about getting the touch screen kiosks and visitors started checking in through the new touch screen kiosk within a few days.

You can easily add peripheral devices to an all in one touch screen kiosk like a USB Camera for photo ID, USB Dymo Label Printer to produce visitor labels and a USB RFID reader for fast check in and out of employees and regular approved contractors.

desktop touchscreen kiosk


The picture above is our most popular all in one reception style touch screen kiosk. Built on POS technology this great little unit comes with a 3 year warranty.

Airport style Touch Screen Visitor Management Kiosks

Touch Screen kiosks have really taken off over the past few years with QANTAS now including all ticket pickup points as touch screen kiosks, Woolworth’s and Coles along with Bunning’s and many other large retailers all introducing self serve kiosks. Asking your visitors to self check into your location or building is becoming easier to do and typically your visitor has more than likely used a touch screen self serve kiosk walking out of any number of major retailers around the world.

For more than a 20 years now we have all been using self serve kiosks to do our day to day banking, even these kiosks are more recently becoming full touch screen.

Next week I will finish this series with What else can you add to a Visitor Management Kiosk?

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