Why did Australian Institute of Sport choose WhosOnLocation Contractor Management

Australian Sports CommissionWe were first approached by the Australian Sports Commission in late 2012 for a solution to mostly manage contractors on and off location including inductions. Important to Wesley from the start was the ability to push the initial induction process online allowing contractors to complete the induction online and off site. Once a contractor is formally inducted and passed WhosOnLocation can in the future track expiry dates of licences and insurances creating denial of access alerts.

Wesley said “The whole system is designed well including the steps for contractors to sign in via the kiosk is very easy to use and has been reliable for the whole time we have implemented the system.  The asset issue function has also assisted greatly with issuing keys and passes to these contractors and tracking them.”

Very important to Wesley was making sure the correct WHS requirements were met in advance of a contractor arriving on site, Wesley went on to say “The system has allowed us to sign in contractors, ensuring these contractors have covered off on all WHS requirements prior to allowing access to site. ”

The reporting functionality was equally important with the very popular evacuation reporting tools being easy to use, Wesley said “the reporting functions are great, very easy to run an evacuation report to see who is onsite in case of emergency, as well as seeing who was onsite and for how long.”

Being able to report on how long a contractor spends on your site is one of the very popular features of the system, not only can we report on the start and finish time of contractors on your site we can also report this information immediately back to the contracting company for their records including the total hours spent on the location for the day.

When I asked Wesley what he liked most about WhosOnLocation Contractor Management Wesley said “Ease of use for Security Staff tracking contractors along with signing in of the contractors and the reliability of the system”

Wesley really gave the support guys a wrap at the end saying “This is a great system, the team give a great service with a quick turnaround through the online service/help desk”

We are pleased to have the Australian Sports Commission in Canberra a customer of WhosOnLocation Contractor Management.

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