Why transport companies start asking for Visitor Management solutions

The past 4 weeks have been very interesting in the transport industry for visitor management. We have received numerous requests for information for transport companies who need to report better information to Customs Australia on the movements of people in and out of each location.

Current systems are manual and the data collected is limited to name and address of visitor. Issues that have resulted from the manual visitor management information include…

  • Gathering the information out of manual visitor management books is time consuming
  • Information can be difficult to read
  • Information can be missing
  • Transferring all the information to as spreadsheet is annoying

What have transport companies asked for in their visitor management wish list over the past 4 weeks?

  • Electronic information collected including name, address, drivers licence scan
  • Automatic notification of licence expiry
  • Easy to pull visitor management reports
  • Fast entry for repeat visitors
  • Contractor management including all truck drivers
  • Truck driver licence expiry notification
  • Ability to use MSIC Card (Maritime Security Identification Card) to check in and out of location – this is not possible as the MSIC card does not carry a chip or bar code.
  • Ability to integrate with Cargowise

What would you need to report details of all the people who visit your site every day?

How can Contractor Management help you in your business?