Why are schools looking for Visitor Management registration with a drivers license?

The number of inquiries we are now receiving from schools for visitor management each month surpasses the total number of inquires we received through the whole of 2012.  Top of the list is getting the visitor or contractor to produce a drivers license to be scanned at the visitor management kiosk for proof of identity.

What is a drivers license kiosk?
A drivers license kiosk is a kiosk that is used by visitors and contractors to sign in electronically into your location. The kiosk can also include a bar code scanner, RFID reader for regular visitors, contractors and employees for fast check in with RFID cards including HID. The drivers license reader is a module that can be included on a kiosk where capturing information from a drivers license is essential from your visitors and contractors.

The user which commonly includes visitors and contractors will place the drivers license on the drivers license module to be read, all the data will go into the database including the date of birth and expiry date of the license. Some location actually need a denial of access based on the age of the person and some contractor management locations have also shown interest in a denial of access alert for expired drivers licenses. The purpose of scanning a drivers license is to capture the information easily and quickly from a visitor and also to apply any denial of access rules based on the denial of access rules for the location.

From recent conversations I will list the reasons why schools and colleges are looking for drivers license kiosks to manage visitors.

  • Confidence in the persons on the school or college grounds
  • Information captured off the drivers license goes automatically into the data base
  • busy locations can sign in lots of people quickly
  • An image of the drivers license is also captured in the data base for future reference should any issues arise in the future from the past.
  • All visitors, substitute teachers, volunteers, contractors, subcontractors, parents, and family members should be scanned at all times on every visit
  • Confidence of who the person is making the visit
  • All data from the drivers license is automatically sent to the data set
  • Denial of access triggers can be triggered alerting the appropriate staff
  • Some schools have asked can we integrate this information with a police check
  • Reporting

After writing this article I posted onto my facebook page knowing many mums and dads would provide truthful feedback on the question “is it ok to ask for a visitor or contractor to provide a drivers licence on entry to your school” as expected the mums and dads were vocal here is a small sample……

  • I think these days it pays to be careful who you let in anywhere !
  • Pete that’s fairly normal on most building sites and for government agency’s now
    A copy of your drivers ,green card, and contrators liecence
    Schools normally ask for a police clearence before you actually start work
  • Yep great idea
  • For sure, I go up there to help out with sport on Thursdays and just walk on in. I’ve thought a few times that anyone can just walk in no questions asked. I think it would be a good safety measure.
  • Great idea
  • Yes, for safety of students, teachers, etc
  • No issues here
  • You can use an ID issued by your state if no license, and my grand kids are worth it.
  • Better safe than sorry.
  • I think you should contact the dept education and install them in every school!!

Like to know more about drivers license kiosks for your school please call 1300 800 077

School drivers licence visitor and contractor kiosks are an excellent product to be sponsored into your school or college by a local business, ask me how.