Customer comment of the week – Managing visitors and meetings across multiple locations

One of the challenges any company has with multiple locations is the ability to communicate across the locations. Cloud based visitor management makes this process simple and easy.

I was speaking with Mike from AB Mauri today and Mike was telling me how much he loves the feature that allows him to register a visitor for another location within the group he is attending for meetings.

Mike said it is so easy, from my computer I just pre-register the visitor that I am meeting on the location I am going to, when the visitor arrives at the location of the meeting they can check into the system with staff or at a visitor management kiosk even if Mike is not on site yet. Being pre-registered allows staff at the location where the meeting is being held to know Mike is attending a meeting, what time the meeting is and also to know that the visitor has permission to be on site and that they already have pre-approval from Mike to be attending the meeting.

This process saves you having to call or forward an email to the location you are going to for the meeting, simply book in the visitor from your PC. On arrival to the location when the visitor is checked in you can receive an email or SMS alerting you to the fact that they have arrived on location, even if you are still on your way.

AB Mauri started using WhosOnLocation Visitor Management several years ago in New Zealand, in 2013 one of the New Zealand employees Paul came to Australia and started working in Sydney. Paul knew after using the system in New Zealand it would be a good fit for the multiple locations in Australia for Visitors, contractors and also contractor inductions.

Watch a short visitor management demonstration here