Reporting for Evacuation Plans

When an onsite emergency occurs that leads to an evacuation, there are a number of steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that everyone is safe, and that the appropriate reports are filed. It doesn’t matter what causes the evacuation, when it is due to a hazard, it is important to ensure that steps are taken.

  • Preparing for an emergency evacuation – an emergency evacuation should be put in place dictating what should occur in a variety of situations. This includes outlining exit points, meeting places, and appropriate follow-up. All evacuation plans should be outlined
  • Allow first responders access to the area – ensure that any meeting places do not inhibit the access of first responders getting out to the emergency. You can conduct your procedures in a manner that does not interfere.
  • Ensure you know who was onsite – you may have a list of employees and contractors that should be onsite, but do you know if there were any visitors that you need to account for? A visitor management system can provide you with this information, that way you can ensure that everyone in the area has been evacuated as necessary.