Components of a Fire Evacuation Plan

A variety of different emergencies that can result in an evacuation can occur on any job site. However, fires are a very real hazard on many of them, and a specific plan should be in place to outline evacuation procedures, which should include:

  • Immediate actions that can be taken, including mentioning where trained personnel can find fire extinguishers and the like. Of course, this aspect should only be outlined if individuals have been prepped on how to deal with emergency scenarios.
  • Who should be contacted when a fire breaks out.
  • When it is important to put the evacuation plan in place.
  • Duties of employees during the emergency, including who should step in to deal with the circumstances, who should keep track of employee whereabouts, and who should file the appropriate reports.
  • When to call in outside help to contain the situation.
  • Who should be doing a roll call to account for bothregistered visitors and employees.