A Guide to Visitor Management Kiosks

One of the most popular ways to keep track of your employees, staff, contractors and visitors coming in and out of your business is to utilize Visitor Management Kiosks. Kiosks make the check in and check out process for a business seamless and easy. Visitor Management Kiosks work well on or near reception desks giving you the option for manned or unmanned entry and exit points on your business.

Personalise For Your Business

The Visitor Management Kiosks cater to every individual business as no two companies have the exact same needs. The kiosks can be personalised for your business in terms of size, colour and company branding.

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Types of Visitors Management Kiosks

Just as you can personalise Visitor Management Kiosks for the taste of your business and the actual space you will need it in, you can also select a kiosk based on your type of business. The kiosks are designed to fit the different needs of businesses. For example, the Wall Mount Visitor Management Kiosk provides an easy and out of the way security and check in feature for businesses like construction companies where the day-to-day wear and tear can take a toll.

Industrial Kiosk for Construction

Visitors Management Kiosks also include designs for businesses looking for less involvement like the all in one kiosk. With its RFID reader with Auto Focus web came for photo ID, visitors can virtually register, take a photo, print the photo and place it on a label. This provides extra security and less time spent having someone actually take these steps for each visitor.

Visitor Management Kiosks also include the 10-inch industrial touchscreen kiosk and the reception desk kiosk. If you have a reception area that is frequently overloaded with activity, you can ease the burden with one of these kiosks. Regardless of your business, a Visitor Management Kiosks can lend that extra security, practicality and help to any type of company.

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