Do You Really Need a Full-Time Receptionist?

A receptionist can act as the face of your company, as they are the first person that visitors to your office or job site will see. But is it really necessary to have someone employed full-time to sit at a reception desk? These days, more businesses are opting for other alternatives, including hiring staff that can multitask; completing reception duties as necessary, and then moving along to complete other necessary tasks. Some companies are choosing not to have a true receptionist on location at all, and instead, these businesses may outsource the duties to individuals that work offsite.

If you are trying to decide what the best option is for your business, consider the following:

  • Do you have frequent visitors dropping by your business unannounced? – if you have a large number of visitors dropping by your office on a regular basis, especially unannounced, having someone at reception permanently may be the simplest option. It might simply be too difficult to have someone rush down to the reception area every time someone appears!
  • Do you use a visitor management system? – if you have a visitor management system used to track scheduled visitors, then it may be simple enough to have someone prepared to meet them.
  • Can you justify the permanent role? – if you are not a business that receives frequent visitors and phone calls, then you just won’t have enough to keep a receptionist busy.

Remember, these days with the technology available, you don’t need to do everything in a traditional manner – and that’s true of your staffing decisions as well!