The Security Benefits of Using an Electronic Visitor Management System

Electronic Visitor ManagementIf you were at home alone and not expecting visitors, would you fling the door open for anyone who knocked without first finding out who they were and why they were there? Of course you wouldn’t – it runs counter to all notions of common sense. While none of us would let just anyone off the street into our homes, many businesses do exactly that. To be fair, they may have a receptionist or a front desk clerk with a paper visitor log which visitors may be asked to sign before entering, but this really isn’t enough to ensure the security of your building.

The Importance of a Reliable Visitor Management System

Electronic visitor management systems are rapidly becoming the standard for security minded businesses, government buildings, educational facilities and any other places which see visitors on a regular basis. Even the best front desk clerk in the world, after all, can’t always get everyone who comes into the building to sign in. Especially during times when there is a lot of traffic in and out of the building, it is all too easy for someone to slip by unnoticed. However, electronic visitor tracking can do a lot to streamline the job of visitor management and in the process, make your building a much more secure one.

If something were to happen in your building, such as a fire and an evacuation became necessary, how could you be sure that everyone had made it out safely? While you know your own staff and could account for them, what about any visitors who happen to be in the building at the time? With web based visitor management software, you can find out at a glance exactly who’s in your building and where they’re supposed to be – not only does this make your business and your building safer, it also protects the safety of your visitors.

With electronic visitor management systems, it becomes a lot easier to keep your building secure. You can manage secure areas to ensure that they’re only accessed by authorized personnel, print ID badges for visitors using visitor kiosks. You can even choose to be notified by text message when a visitor arrives. In short, it’s an entirely different approach to visitor management which increases security and can save your staff time while giving you peace of mind.

Visitor management doesn’t have to be complicated, at least not when you make the switch to using electronic visitor management software. It’s a quick and easy transition to make, since the software is web based and does not need to be installed – once you sign up, you can check in visitors from any web-enabled computer; yes, it really is that easy.

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