Using ID Cards for Visitor Management

Visitor Management SecurityKeeping on top of everyone who comes in and goes out of your company’s manufacturing plant, office building or campus can be a real challenge. Even though a lot of communication and business is done on the web, there are many things which still must be done in person – and that means visitors. Naturally, you want to welcome visitors to your facilities while making sure to keep yourself, your property and your employees secure by keeping out unwelcome “guests” – but the traditional methods are not quite up to the task, at least for the typical busy office building or corporate campus setting.

Maintain Security with ID Cards

A web based visitor management system coupled with a system for printing ID cards for visitors is one method of maintaining security which is becoming increasingly popular with businesses, educational institutions and cultural facilities which want to allow visitors while keeping themselves and their legitimate visitors safe. Printers like theMagicard Pronto are a solution which works very well to meet the needs of most of these visitor management situations.

These printers print single-sided ID cards quickly and easily, with a choice of four different Holokote watermark designs. If your facility requires a higher level of security than can be provided by a Holokote watermark alone or your facilities use a swipe card-based access control system, the Magicard Pronto ID printer can also provide magnetic strip encoding if needed.

If you need a visitor management system which can accommodate a larger number of visitors, then the Magicard Enduro is an excellent choice; the Enduro can handle printing ID cards in bulk thanks to a 100 card hopper (this comes along with the printer), so you can print as many as 100 ID cards at once. This is more than adequate for the needs of most companies, cultural and educational institutions and is also a great choice for event management, since thousands of ID cards can be printed in a relatively short time.

Using visitor IDs as part of your visitor management system makes life a lot easier for your front desk and security staff; once visitors receive their ID cards, your staff can tell at a glance who should be there as well as who doesn’t belong in a given area of your facilities. Compared to the time honored visitor management method of using a paper log book, it’s a great leap forward and can save your staff some valuable time as well as letting you rest just a little easier knowing that only authorized persons will be able to have access to your facility.