Finding the Right ID Card Printers to Create Your Business’s Staff ID Cards

Visitor ManagementAccess control is something that every business needs to consider as part of its overall strategy and no matter whether your company receives a lot of visitors or a relative few, whether your company is large or small, security should always be one of your top priorities. Increasingly, ID cards are part of any access control or visitor management system and this means choosing an ID card printer which meets the needs of your company.

Deciding on which kind of ID card printer to use for your business starts with an assessment of your security needs. How many visitors does your office, manufacturing plant or other facility see in the typical week? How much sensitive information, trade secrets or valuable equipment do you need to protect from prying eyes or thieves? How many employees does your company have working at this particular facility? Finally, what kind of security procedures and what kind of visitor management system do you have in place currently? All of these are factors which need to be considered as you make your choice of ID card printers.

Factors in Determing the Right ID Card Printers

Magicard Pronto

If your company has a relatively small amount of sensitive data or valuable assets which need to be protected via your access control system and you have a smaller amount of visitors in the course of an average week, then you may want to choose a lighter duty ID card printer like the Magicard Pronto. This is a small but powerful and versatile printer which can be integrated with web based visitor management systems to provide your company a higher level of security.

The Pronto can print up to four different Holokote watermarks on one side of a staff or visitor ID card for quick and easy identification; ideal for designating which areas of your building or campus that an employee or visitor is allowed to enter. If your company uses a magnetic swipe card based access control system, you can also use the Pronto to encode magnetic strips on your employee or visitor ID cards for a higher level of security.

Magicard Enduro

If your company’s facilities tend to see a higher amount of visitor traffic or you have a large number of employees (and especially if your business holds events on occasion), then a printer with a larger printing capacity may be a better choice for your needs. The Magicard Enduro is an ID card printer which can handle high capacity ID card printing, with a 100 card hopper so you can print large amounts of ID cards quickly. This is a single card printer which can be upgraded to double sided printing at any time in case you find your visitor management systems needs changing later on.

Security is always important, but if ID cards are part of your company’s security strategy, then there are choices which meet your needs perfectly, no matter what kind of business you’re in, its size or how many employees or visitors you have.

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